Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy CNY & Valentine

I'm Back every1~~~!!!!!

hahaha, yesterday just received a sms from sum1 saying that my blog has grow a lot of spiderweb.
Since CNY is near by, so i come over here to do some simple cleaning works.

Life started busy recently, lots of task waiting for me to settle down. Tiring but no choice, becoz i'm sick of $$$. (forgive me if you think i'm money minded)
Every where, every hour of outside society also talking about $$. Go here need money, go there need money. HOw to survive if no $$....stay home and sleep lu~!!! lol

Valentine coming soon, $$ again. haahahah this 1 stay home aso have to pay, lagi no choice. lolx
luckily got CNY cover abit, if not can go apply bankrupcy alrdy. Lolx

What nonsense am i writing? ahahha anyway, just to clean the spiderwebs

and here by to say that

HAPpy CNY & Valentine.
Wish you NJOY your holidays.
CHeers :P

Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Hey Guys!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Diffrt ppl came from diffrt background. Grow in diffrt enviroment.
Sometimes, peoples argue , they fight for victory with their own method...
but how we gonna judge who is right who is wrong?

Is realli hard for people to judge it is correct method or it is wrong method.
there is no 1 method would be always correct but there is 1 wrong method always been correct.
My perception on these might diffrt than others, others perception might diffrt than me,
this why v get quarrel.~!!!

My mom always scold me or asked in a 'shouting' way, ''自己想一下,你這樣做,對嗎??''
she always hav her own way of thinking~~~ but in my mind, IS not~!!!
i always dun listen to her, i trying to do sumthing tat suitable to me but not her.
V always get quarrel bcoz hav diffrt perception, but dis doesn't means i'm wrong and she is correct ~!!!!

sometimes, when u think tat person is doing a wrong thing, but change another angle to view at tis thing....these person is doing a right thing. Example, MR.A steal some Bank money, corn alot ppl money outside....these seems so wrong but wats the purpose for him to do so? He is finding money for the mother inorder to get suitable medic treatment~!

is tis wrong or right method? some ppl say yes, some ppl say no, who gonna judge this?
some ppl would say, even need to get medical fees for mom, aso shld not do sumthing which is crime, Shld go earn money in proper way.
some ppl would say, this a correct way even is crime....but these person starting point was good.
who will judge which is right which is wrong?

I oni would say....try to think a things from few diffrt angle... U might have diffrt thought for diffrt things that happening in future~!

From CHin han :P
once again duno wat i'm writting..lolx~!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Part 1 ~ tarc Sux

and wanted to add another thing is...
TARC SUCKS~~!!!!!!!
sumthing reali shit had happen to me today....bad friday~!??

is reali shit....
will tell more details on part 2...

i'm tiring , eyes closing....
bye bye~!!!

A letter for U

Sorry for the late update for my blog, even thats no ppl looking at tis, but still sry ..lolx
wanted to update my blog so much, but everyday when i login to blogspot, clicked on new mind are blank. Do not know wat to write, until now....feel like writing sumthing to U.

Is 4o'clock in the morning right now, shld hav take a good rest at tis hour bcoz tmr gonna hav a busy day....morning -noon work then at night hav to drive to ipoh, but duno why.....ur faces keep appearing in my mind.

I took a 2-3 hour times, to re-view back ur 1st blogspot post until the last post.....
its reali let me know alot alot things that i don't know about u.
inside shown ur feelings, the things u care, ur smiles, ur tears, ur thought, n your past.
hahah...Got happiness, sadness and lots lots things...:P

Human shld improve & grow inorder to survive in life. No matter how bitter, how suffer and how tough is ur preview life, is no more important ~. Bcoz those things create a brand new u. I'm definately ur tmr, tmr and tmr life will be much much more better
And most important is, You are not alone from now on~...:P

i ain't sum1 that perfects, no1 are perfect
i ain't sum1 that very very good in talking(to tam ppl)
i wouldn't say i'm a 100% caring person
i wouldn't say i'm a 100% romantic person either..
but, i definately will try my very very best to do so, i try my best on wat u wish to have~
I don't enjoy seeing ppl cry, bcoz i feel useless when seeing they cry infront of me, but i duno wat to do to stop it. So don't cry but oni smile allow :P

Everybdy born from diffrt background, have diffrt ways of habits and lifes.
So pls correct me when i'm doin sumthing wrong......

Giv abit more Patient on slightly me:P
Tolerant on my bad temper..
being understanding to me..
most important is trust me~!

lolx, wth i'm writing? My essay writing sux man...forgive me :P

Pls do take a good care ya.....not gonna C u until sund mayb? or monday?


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Smile ~ Everything will be fine when you smile


As age grow, problem grow, but Smile on face goes less.
It happen to me either.
But i'll still always keep my smile~ and try to do it often.
Life is short, problems will come no matter how, so i choose to smile and face the problem :P
Even Problems are coming nonstop, but do not fear on it.
Lets fight the problems and Create a good future for ourselves.

with the
Smile everything will be fine. The day will be brighter tomorrow.

Look at their smile ~ so cham :)

Once again duno wat am i writing..lolx

Friday, July 31, 2009

MV thats keep my tears drop~~~ Strongly Introduce

MV that could makes my tears drop isn't alot......but this 2, each time i watch tears drop automatically, Do not know wats the reason......just feel deeply touch~
have A looks on it ba....strongly recommend by me :P

1st video:

2nd video:

prepare sum tissue

Monday, July 27, 2009

Genting Straight after Work.

Saturday night 11 sumthing PM.

Once again our GAy club go genting(Me, toufu, fei kei, Yamfong, Abalone, Turtle). hahha
Motive to go up there is Celebrate Mr. Abalone bufday wif uncle lim.
tot can take sum $$ from him to buy cake for mr.abalone, ends up...every1 more to lose than win.hahaha

Saturday morning 10am i went to work, till 10pm.
got back home at 10.30, rest for an hour and mr.turtle came to fetch me.
starting of our journey is quite suey.......wif the car of turbo, tot of goin up hill will be fun..
dim chi just right after RM5 toll, road BLOCK~...
shit man..lolx~!

We reached Genting at 1:45 if not mistaken.
once we reached...1st thing is drop our bag in room, change "avatar'' , After changed, v went to eat KFC......the most wasted and expensive KFC i ever eat. lolx.....reali damn waste, too bad dint get a chance to take pic of that.

after eat, we straight go find uncle lim......another suey thing happen!~
when we almost reached the gate, Mr.abalone tell us he forgot to bring IC, ic was in the room~!!
we were to here is damn far man.! reali swt~@@|||
no choice, he is the main character of the day....every1 accompany him back room, grab his IC and v move on to FInd uncle lim once again..lolx.
after all the activity, we went back room and sleep at 4sumthing 5o'clock.
is quite earli, bcoz they were resting and charging their strenght and stamina for them to cycle down hill~!!!!
Back to 2 yrs be4....4 of them were cycling up to genting hill, but right now...just oni down hill aso a little challenging for cause all of them have Cars....tis make human be lazy to practice..aahahhah~!!!

Tis the ''large'' bed room that for 6 person man~....pack until no place to walk..lolx~!

Nxt morning(sunday), woke up at 11 finish packing up and we check out at 12~!
1st thing we do is go to makan Bak Ku Teh....
is super expensive man...not value not value.
After makan, 4 of us go to Boom tokyo~ ahahha

close to 2o'clock.....our journey start~
4 ppl cycling down(abalone, toufu, yamfong and turtle)
me and fei kei drove down....hahaha
1st time i drove 4 X WD(storm).....and its down hill man....quite exciting.~!

these the oni pic i manage to capture......wanted to take group pic at cable car station, when we planning to take , the bus hons.....bcoz our cars block the way of the bus....fuck man...
so every1 said, straight go down until Ulu Yam. then every1 get back.

i got home at 3;30pm....
be4 left, turtle said, WE have a healthy Sunday....ahaahha~

they aso said..tis will happen often in future...and i'll be cycling for the nxt...
waiting for tat day...ahhaha:P

ends of story~